Website Techniques that may harm your website and SEO valuation

Designing the site is a blend of creative mind and a technical one. It requires art effort, visualization from the user’s point of view, and huge technical skills to turn the visual design into tricky ideas. The worst thing that any company can do is to copy another company’s website and implement it as its own website. If other companies repeat, this sequence, it will lead to a set of improperly designed sites. It is not enough to meet the basic requirements of the user experience. Such sites rank low in SEO assessments, resulting in poor search engine rankings and low site rankings.

Here are the 5 website designing techniques by which your website may have to experience a failure-

  1. Use of table layouts-

Using the table layout on a web page makes the page look complicated, as most layout tables use a lot of table attributes such as rowspan, colspan, and nested tables. Although designing of tables can be easy, but reading it may be much more difficult. Some readers do not understand or find it difficult to analyze what the tables are indicating. Content in the table layout is much more puzzling than the simply written bullet points. So website designing services in India professional recommend the company to not use the table layouts.

  1. Infinite Scrolling

While scrolling is a very popular design and is often used on most websites (especially e-commerce), it does not apply to each website. Using this technology depends on the site’s goals. This is useful if the site’s goal is to continuously stream content and the content structure is flat. However, if the goal of the site is to help users locate a specific task or compare the selection, the user experience may be compromised.

  1. Parallax Scrolling

Although the widely used parallax scrolling is a good feature that leads to loyal visitors, there are also problems associated with it. Parallax scrolling may lead to undervaluation in SEO ratings. If the parallax site is a page of content, images, and good visual display, then it’s up. However, if the site has an information map. The picture has text, Google does not read! This could lead to lower SEO rankings. It is better to hire the professional Website design and Development Company in India

  1. Slow Loading:

Slow loading of the images and content don’t allow to load them to load fast and by this reader may get irritated. As in this fast running life, everyone needs that thing which can work more quickly. This kind of content cannot be indexed by the spiders and will not be able to load the rest of the page. This lazy step of your website ages can lead to the low valuation for the SEO and may affect the page traffic.

  1. Lack of Mobile Configured Design

With the penetration of mobile devices, companies must be flexible and adaptive design to achieve the site’s mobile-friendly. This has a direct impact on traffic. With Google’s mobile algorithm, sites that are not easy to move are pushed at the last place to the search list. The responsive design allows the site to be loaded on all device types

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