2016 was an intense year when it comes to SEO and Google in particular. According to experts
of SEO, anyone can’t even predict accurately that what is going to the new SEO pattern. But if
one looks closer to the past SEO rules he/she can easily have a rough idea about what can
So let’s look back at that revolutionary period for Google, which has marked the change for SEO
and SEO companies in India.
Here are some points that SEO companies have seen in the past and can predict that in what
manner they should work if they want to stay on top maintain their good reputation-
• Google believes in moving steadily towards the mobile-only world. Mobile-first indexing
seems like the unavoidable consequence of a year, almost completely steadfast to
evangelizing and compelling a change of mentality from the desktop to mobile.
• Although links still have some importance as they are still important for ranking.
Goggle’s analytical efforts seem almost fully dedicated to the entity, personalized and
predictive search. Again, it is quite logical if an SEO company in India considered deeply
personal devices like mobile and home assistants.
• For the same reason, voice search looks to be the next borderline of search, because
different search engines using different business strategies. For example, Bing and
Goggle’s business strategies differ from each other and may represent a big competitor
in this arena.
• In a mobile –only world, the significance of the local search is even higher. This looks
like a strategic reason both for an update like Possum and all the other test that SEO
experts see in local, and also of the achievement of many companies who have only
purpose to analyze the “Internet of Moving Things”.
• The achievement of many start-up companies seems to suggest that video/images
marketing will be the main focus for Google, perhaps also because YouTube and
Facebook are struggling against each other when it comes to video/images and their

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